Have you ever uttered the words " I don't know”, and that was your complete answer?

I did, and it was liberating.

It happened last year. A friend had asked me about a mutual acquaintance; and my response was ‘I don't know’. I felt no need to ask her what she thought was happening or what she knew.…

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Let's Talk Language

Hit it Tore up Broke it Gave it up Turn up Get it Eat it out Go down Beat up Pump it

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In a world where we are expected to play different roles whilst remaining true to ourselves, it has become necessary to learn the art of how to act and with whom. An advertisement for a professional social network goes something like, "you do not want your boss to see what you do on those girls/guys nights out, …

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The life that we “know”

Too many times we are being advised to live our lives. Too many are times we advise ourselves to live our lives. It almost comes often after when something didn’t go according to plan. Why must you have an epiphany about living your life when you’ve been living? Is it that the life you were acquainted to was not wha…

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