The life that we “know”

Too many times we are being advised to live our lives. Too many are times we advise ourselves to live our lives. It almost comes often after when something didn’t go according to plan.

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I don't know, but what I mean is I don't want to know

Have you ever uttered the words " I don't know”, and that was your complete answer? I did, and it was liberating.

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Letter to Aunty Rose

In January 2018, I preached a sermon. There was nothing special about it. A lady I will call aunty Rose (the reason for this name will become clear in a moment) decided she wants to have a chat with me. I agreed. Throughout the conversation she kept calling me Rose. Initially I thought maybe I heard her wrong. Then I thought maybe she doesn’’t know my name (I mean my name and surname are printed on the pew leaflet). During the conversation I corrected her, about my name. she brushed it off saying she will just call me Rose, as it was much easier, besides she is learning Zulu. The moment she responded in this way I was no longer interested in what she had to say about the sermon. The conversation was meant to be about the sermon I had just preached. What follows below is a letter to Aunty Rose, explaining to her why calling me Rose is unacceptable. This letter was written to defuse the anger I felt after that conversation.

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Living your Life like it's Golden

In Economics, when measuring a scarce commodity, we attach to it a very high value in order to limit its consumption and hence discourage its extinction. To be practical, let’s take one commodity we are very familiar with, gold. Do you think if ...

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What is Time?

How often do we plan, schedule or arrange for something to be done and it all doesn’t happen accordingly? Does the failure thereof mean that time was wasted? Which time would this be and can we only declare that time was used effectively if things go as planned, scheduled or arranged? The plan, schedule or arrangement is fulfilled when it actually happens not when time dictates.

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Is my Year Planner definite?

So you successfully entered into the new year and like many others across the world, you have some sort of plan or hopes for 2017. You probably reflected on your journey for the past year over the festive season and

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Market Update – Mid August 2015

I am still bullish on the USD as I have been throughout the entire year. This is on the back of the strength in the US economy, with the unemployment rate at low lows below 6%, growth forecasts better than most major economies and inflation getting back on track – Which is all leading to the expected interest rate hike this year that is expected to be in September or June. This all supports a stronger dollar, although I am not sure how it will perform after the hike.

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A Good Portfolio investment

The USD is set to continue its rally as the Fed prepares to finally raise its rates, while the EUR has just begun its QE of over 1 trillion euros. Meanwhile the BoJ has been on QQE for some time and plans to increase its purchasing to further create stimulus. Read more

Not So Typical Modern Woman

If what you want, is a woman who’ll be there everyday when you come back from work to cook, clean, do laundry, bake and run after the kids; then I’m not that woman…

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Mauritius, the Forgotten Son of Africa

There seems to be a lot of focus on Africa in all the major industries from Financial Services to Power and Infrastructure. most international companies have good intentions in expanding their businesses to Africa.

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Taungana STEM Ladies Evening

STEM-IT-Forward a fresh non-profit organisation is taking strides in raising the STEM flag higher in the Southern African regions. Their current initiative Taungana is a movement that provides African high school girls from rural disadvantaged communities with a world-class opportunity to access and explore the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Read more

Meeting the Most Important Person in our Lives: Ourselves

Most fashion magazines have articles on boosting self esteem and self confidence, and yet on the very next page there would be an article telling us why we are not good enough. The articles give the impression that self esteem can be acquired from the outside. The only problem is that the information is there to treat symptoms. Read more

Who to Vote for

In this pivotal period of elections, where parties are involved in a series of operations intended to achieving their goals, the question remains who will you vote for? Read more

Violence Against Women and Children: Men Take a Stand

Recent media reports have been portraying the violence against women and children as increasing at an alarming rate. Be it murder, rape or physical abuse, the media reports at least five cases daily and Police statistics from 2012 show about 156 cases reported daily for the province of Gauteng. Read more

The Red About Red October

There are a number of things in life that I just cannot tolerate. I cannot stand someone smoking in a queue with people around him. Get out of the queue for heaven's sake! Come back when you are done, we will keep your place. And please throw a mint in your mouth while you are at it, just so we don't have to smell your breath. Read more

The Plight of Illegal Mining in South Africa

Illegal mining in South Africa does not only rob the mining industry of potential billions every year, there are also concerns that the activity could weaken the pillars that hold up the shafts and cause roads and buildings to collapse. There are many disused mine shafts beneath the roads and towns of Johannesburg, going out as far as Roodepoort in the west and Malvern in the East. Read more

The Mentorship that Scholars Need to Cast the Vote to Life

It seems a lot easier when we are younger. I remember vividly when the tall man dressed in a black suit knocked on our back door, I walked him to the living room were my mother sat, they had an appointment that day, of which I sat in. They exchanged documents and spoke big words, which left me fascinated. Read more

The Jekyll and Hyde of Karoo Fracking

The prospect of hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as "˜fracking", in the Karoo has ignited a number of online petitions and action groups to halt it from initiation due to the valid concerns that have arisen regarding the short and long term effects that this activity could have on the environment, agricultural activity as well as the people living in the Karoo. Hydraulic fracturing could be the solution to our nation''s unstable power supply, since Methane gas is extracted from the process of fracking. Read more

Solution Firms - Bridging the Gap

Recruitment plays a very crucial role in any organisation and basically serves to attract, screen, select and hire qualified candidates for a specific role available within an organisation. For this process to be carried out successfully a lot of time and money is required, therefore it becomes more expensive to hire unqualified candidates than training qualified candidates. Read more

Reef Boring : Innovative Mining

South African gold reserves form part of substantial supply of the world''s gold supply. In 2002, SA constituted 15% of the world's gold production. This is a severe decline from the 30% mark that was experienced in 1993. Read more

Nuclear Energy, the Good, the Bad and the Scary: Are We Ready for it?

The minute the word Nuclear is dropped in any conversation, most people think atomic bombs, radiation, disfigured human beings, explosions, crazy scientists, etc. The general public doesn't have a clue that nuclear energy can produce electricity. Briefly, nuclear energy is produced when an atom's nucleus is split into smaller nuclei by the process called fission. Read more

Let's Talk Language

Hit it Tore up Broke it Gave it up Turn up Get it Eat it out Go down Beat up Pump it Read more

It is not the Success or Failures that Make the Man

If like me you come from a black family. You would know about being bombarded with questions about why you are not achieving as much as your peers, when you are finishing at school, what you are doing with your life, etc. These are only some of the questions one has to answer when around family and when at family gatherings. Read more

Impression Management: Acting in its Most Natural Form

In a world where we are expected to play different roles whilst remaining true to ourselves, it has become necessary to learn the art of how to act and with whom. An advertisement for a professional social network goes something like, "you do not want your boss to see what you do on those girls/guys nights out, Read more

Gauteng Liquor Legislation and Policies Regarding Shebeens

The Gauteng Liquor Laws pose a rather interesting challenge for the liquor Industry at large, often being met with a lot of resistance from the concerned stakeholders, such as liquor traders, liquor forums, The Gauteng Liquor Board and many other various players. Read more

Corporate Law: New Companies Act 71 of 2008, Business Rescue Process

The ultimate goal in repealing the Companies Act, No. 61 of 1973, was to ensure that the regulatory framework for enterprises of all types and sizes promoted growth, employment, innovation, stability, good governance, confidence and international competitiveness. Read more

Clash of Cultures

"It's my culture" these are the words that most young men and women utter at their defence when wrongly accused or when their actions have been shunned upon. We hear these at our workplace when a gentleman has walked out of the lift first, leaving behind a group of ladies or when a male stranger simply looks away when a woman is carrying a heavy load. Read more

Child Protection: Is it for Some, Most or All?

In 2001, The Department of Health and Social Development Vhembe region had T shirts printed with the slogan "Protecting Children is everybody''s business". It is generally a fair expectation however, it appears as if protecting children is not everybody's business in some parts of Kenya, especially if that child is female and had "only" been raped. Read more

Bridging the Gap between Tertiary-IT Education and the Work Place

We spend a lot of years in school, studying towards what we believe is our destiny and will prepare us for the work place. During this period of studying, we are taken through various subjects that take different angles to try and simulate as much as possible of what it is that we are going to come across in the workplace. Read more

Borrowing Yunus' Banking Model to Aid Social Growth in Africa

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus who is also the owner of Grameen Bank has enabled the poorest of the poorest in Bangladesh to have access to finance through his micro-credit initiative. His initiative allows anyone to qualify for loans, which average about U.S. $200 (R1 994). Read more

As Our Youth "Play it Safe"

Infidelity is at an all-time high in our country these days. One would expect - with the rising cases of HIV infections and STI's, the infidelity numbers would drop, however they keep on soaring. "Playing it safe" is no longer supposed to be an excuse to engage in extramarital affairs or double crossing your partner. Read more

A Lump, a Bump to Life

46 year old Miss Cupido is a single mom from x town. She has enjoyed the most part of her life with no ailments and has was blessed with two children at the age of 30. No one in her immediate family has ever had any unprecedented deaths from illness but one or two distant aunts has succumbed to some malignancy. Read more

A Look at the Ruling on Consensual Sex Between Consenting Adolescents

Criminalization of sexual conduct between consenting adolescents is unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court has ruled. The Highest Court in the Republic South Africa confirmed a lower court's decision that sections 15 and 16 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 32 of 2007, which relate to sexual offences, were unconstitutional. Read more

7 Things that Might Prevent You From Getting Your Dream Job

Attitude is one of the most vital aspects of getting employment. Potential employers look for candidates with a high level of enthusiasm and who show a sign of future dedication. Read more

Welcome Note

Here we are, crossing the Rubicon, south of this river dwells some of our greatest fears. For some, the fear that we are inadequate, and for most, the fear of finding out that we have been more than adequate all along. Read more
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