Is my Year Planner definite?

09 January 2017

So you successfully entered into the new year and like many others across the world, you have some sort of plan or hopes for 2017. You probably reflected on your journey for the past year over the festive season and you are excited to rectify some of your “MISTAKES”, implement your resolutions and you have no doubt that THIS year is the one for you. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Every year we seem to start at a very high note and it continues as a downward sloping curve for every month that follows. We start with different expectations each year but we still end up the same point. We hope for better but unfortunately we get confronted by a different reality. From what I gathered, 2016 was the WORST year for many, in fact our social media platforms were flooded with so many declaration, proudly so, that 2016 was the worse. Is it normal for people to have similar experiences when they are inherently different? Do we stop to reflect on our personal lives recognizing that we are individuals and our experiences ought to be unique? When you make a mistake, you wait for an entire year to end in order to make changes. Is this how things should or must be done or this is a method we have unconsciously sold our dreams and ambitions to? These are some of the questions which came up as I was trying to diarise all the thing I want to do this year.

For most part of my life, I never accepted flexibility and that is because I considered it as failure. I would subject myself into a life of anxiety and a feeling of disappointment because I would never see good in anything unless it was what I had initially envisioned. In the same token, many have been so depressed because they could not attain that summer body, those distinctions, could not buy that car; hold up! Give yourself a break. We should take a conscious decision to be better each day and take learnings from our failures as valuable experience for the future. As a person, you must be able to own your power and this is through pacing yourself with no direct influence of the external. Sometimes when we plan our lives, we do it with the pressure of wanting to relevant and socially acceptable and in the process loose our individualism. Success is not the attainment of things, but the ability to continue when those things that we planned are not materializing as we hoped. Let us not set ourselves for failure by trying to match up our lives to definitions of what we could or should be. Joseph Campbell said that

“we’ve got to let go of the life we have planned to accept the one that is waiting for us”.
This means that we must be able to recognize when there is a need to change direction and instead of regarding it a failure, embrace it as a necessary experience important for who we become.

I am not in any way discouraging planning, planning is imperative, I do it to. I want you to appreciate, as you would have experienced previously, that not all deviations from your plans are bad and sometimes you need to allow it. This can help you take full responsibility of those deviations and subsequently make it work in your favour. Go into this year with honesty to yourself, because it is easier to commit to things that speak directly to you. You might not have power over all events which will unfold, but you sure have the power to keep a positive mind-set in your approach to these events. One important thing I encourage you to do, is to look at the bigger picture as you embrace the journey. Remember that every single day forms part of that picture and one deviation does not mean that the picture will never be complete. Be in-touch with your thoughts and engage the conversations you have by yourself. Define what success means to you, commit to that and be great. And lastly, do not waste time trying to replicate, create, invent and prosper.

Nkateko Governor Manganye

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