The life that we “know”

18 April 2018

Too many times we are being advised to live our lives. Too many are times we advise ourselves to live our lives. It almost comes often after when something didn’t go according to plan. Why must you have an epiphany about living your life when you’ve been living? Is it that the life you were acquainted to was not what you wanted or that it suddenly doesn’t feel like it is yours to live? ..That you were called to live “your” life! Do you right?! For some reason, why does this speak so much about being selfish? Why must I be me from a selfish perspective? Is it because it is perceived or believed that we live for ourselves? If so then we should look to ourselves. We should be our own family, our own husbands and wives, our own team, our own children, hey our everything... because really, why should I seek companionship of someone who has nothing to do with my life, who cannot even one time contribute to anything in my life? Why should I have friends when my focus in life is myself? How can I even choose to build a life with someone I have no interest in whatsoever because I’m only interested in me?!

Point one People who sought to live “their” lives from a point of self-gratification shouldn’t be living at all! Why are you here when you don’t need anything or anyone but yourself? It is even funny how you cannot live this life of yours by just sitting, starving and thirsty; you cannot even find shelter in anything because God forbid it suggests that you need it.

Point two People who sought to live their lives by doing whatever suits them shouldn’t be allowed to be people at all. How do you go on without caring about the next? That points to a deformity in your nature as a person. How can one be so self-absorbed that you don’t notice anyone or anything around you? Selfishness results in being isolated or worse have people all around with none of them actually caring about you because of this nature that you have adopted. One can never be satisfied as a selfish person, if anything all that you do for yourself will cause to even want more for yourself.

Point three People who sought to live their lives looking at/ to other people should really question their being. How do you look to someone you’ve met here on earth to direct and dictate when and how you should inhale and exhale? How do you look to someone who did not even give you this life in the first place? How do you doubt your existence through their existence? How are you then living your life when it is based on someone else who has the same things you have?

Satisfy yourself with things, you will keep wanting things in order to be satisfied. The life that we were given is the life that we should live. If we can understand that this life of ours that we think we know isn’t from anyone, not even ourselves, all of issues would be resolved. The issues that we have in living are the ones that we created ourselves because somewhere along living we thought we knew better than the One who actually causes us to live. No matter what your negative “feelings” are about the Creator and Sustainer of this life that He has given you, He is Life itself. Understanding that this life that you so treasure and determined to live for yourself can easily be taken away should change everything that you have subjected it to.

The people I have created for Myself that they may set forth My praise [and they shall do it]”
-Isaiah 43:21 [AMP]

We were created to live God’s life because we come from Him and are created after His image and likeness, that’s the life we should be concerned about living. We mirror God, all that He is and we cannot insist on doing things the way we want because too many times the things we want are those that will satisfy us. You are Love, Kindness, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion, Good, Peace, Joy. None of these opens room for selfishness.

Lethabo Tsiri

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