Violence Against Women and Children: Men Take a Stand

12 March 2014

Recent media reports have been portraying the violence against women and children as increasing at an alarming rate. Be it murder, rape or physical abuse, the media reports at least five cases daily and Police statistics from 2012 show about 156 cases reported daily for the province of Gauteng. These cases will receive even more spotlight as we approach the end of the year during the 16 days of activism against women and child abuse which runs from 25th November to 10th December every year where the focus on activism against this evil is highlighted.

There are men, however, who have taken a stand against such violence and have pledged their commitment to fighting against women and child abuse. More and more men are choosing to disassociate themselves with the group that is viewed as the perpetrators and align themselves with protecting and empowering women. One such group is the Khuluma Ndoda Campaign. This NPO was started by the Department of Social Development JHB metro Region in partnership with the community of Soweto in July 2012.

The aim of this initiation is to get men involved in addressing the issues that cause violence against women and children. Mr. Crosby Noko, one of the fore-runners of the Khuluma Ndoda Campaign, said that it is important to note that eradicating violence against women cannot be done without involving the women themselves. He further informed that as means to empower men and eradicate violence against women and children, the campaign aims to help men find their roles in the family and in society, to restore family values and norms and preserve families, as well as empower and educate young boys so that they grow up respecting and protecting women.

Other forums and movements established by men to fight against women and child abuse include The Brothers for life project, the Men against Women and Children Abuse Forum in White City Soweto and the Men as Safety promoters Forum in Protea Glen.

It is not just ordinary men from Communities who are taking a stand, the Deputy President of the Country joined in a mass action on the 24th of August 2013 at the Johannesburg Stadium, to show his support for the fight against violence. Considering that this violence is viewed to have its source on the cultural norms and traditions where men are seen as having the "˜right" to punish women for what they view as disobedience, it is encouraging to see that more and more men from all walks of life and at different age groups are committing themselves to taking a stand, encouraging each other not only to refrain from abusing their partners and children, but also to not be by-standers of the violence and to assist and protect the women who report such violence to the authorities.

Phathutshedzo Mukona

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